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    1. Numele actual: Imad! Nume dorit: KingVL CSP Motiv: da
    2. Accepted send mi nick,pass,tag by PM!
    3. Nickname : Imad! - Age : 20 - Your Country (Location) : Pakistan - Languages that you speak : English - How much time you can be active? : 5 Hours daily - Can you be active in ts3? : Yes - Link of your activity in (minumum 30 hours) (gametracker) : i am new but i will be Active !! -Can you donate? : no i donth ave money !!1 - Other information : Give 1 chance for admin !!
    4. Accepted as Owner Send my Nick,pass,tag by Pm ! T/C
    5. Firstly : You Must Follow this Model Or your Request Will be Rejected Direct ! ¤ Your name: ¤ Claimed Admin name: ¤ Date and time: ¤ Reason of complaint: ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): P.S : You Must know the Rules Before Reporting Admin P.S : Every Report Needs a Clear Proof or Will Be Rejected
    6. ¤ Numele: ¤ Ip-ul tau : ¤ STEAM ID-ul tau: ¤ Motivul banului: ¤ Adminul care te-a banat: ¤ Ora: ¤ Dovada (screenshot din consola):
    7. ♔ Monthly competitions ♔ Basically this section is for future competitions for V.I.P (On the Server) 1 month, it is the opportunity to show that you are one of the best here! Rules: ¤ The team is completely prohibited in the monthly competitions (Otherwise you will be disqualified) ¤ Using multiple accounts is prohibited ¤ The use of Hack will be a reason for permanent destroy / Ban on the server ¤ Completely prohibited the use of RPD
    8. Madel: ¤ Admin: ¤ Old Grade: ¤ New Grade: ¤ Reason:
    9. Model: ¤ Admin: ¤ Grase: ¤ Sanction: ¤ Reason:
    10. Madel: ¤ Admin: ¤ Sanction: ¤ Old Grade: ¤ New Grade: ¤ Reason:
    11. ¤ Nickname: ¤ Grade: ¤ New Tag: ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link: Request TAG need minimum 10h played on server. For changing new Tag is needed 1week to be passed from The last Request.
    12. ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): ¤ Your Address Skype, facebook: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: ¤ Your Location: ¤ Experience As Admin (last server GT link): ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server (gametracker You Must Write Your Nickname) ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: ¤ Password/key for admin[ Read The Rules to find it] : RULES Minimum 30 hours played. You have to respect all server rules and other players/admins You should be active in the server for atleast 2 hours on the server per day. You should have been playing on this server for the last 2 weeks consistently.(PLAYING. NOT AFK) You must understand and be able to speak English well or semi-well Respect the Topic Tittle: Admin Request [ Your Nickname ] You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days
    13. Posting model after boosting the server: Nick: Time: Site: Proof: Contact method: Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : Other informations: Boosting is a temporary method to increase the quantity of players on our server; Purchasing boosting for our server can be charged as payment for your server rank; Sites order will be based on their quality, even so there is to guarantee of the fact that a site is weaker than other(during night-time a site can provide more players than the first one); Blue bars represents the report between quantity of players during the morning and during day light/night time(having more blue means there is a great quantity of players during night/morning); Green bars represents the report of total connected players from that site. gametracker.rs ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ (Qualitative during day time, but somehow weak a few hours during morning) Here you can check our server: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ To see the boosting list click: Your boost will be the first(or better said the latest) from that list. Press click on the name you have written(name from the SMS you've sent will be the same in the list) and provide us the link(the link will be the proof of the boost) How do i boost?: Send SMS at the number: based on your country selection Form of the message: TXT GTRS AdressIP Name Exemplu mesaj: TXT GTRS Roselina Price: €1.00 + TVA
    14. RelaX.CsPower.ro @ INTRODUCING SERVER RULES Managers&Admins* [1] Nickname must be same as Forum name ( No exception ) [2] Administrators who are not active on the server and the afk night will be sanctioned [3] All administrators must be active on forum and ts3 servers [4] Spectator in server is not allowed or you will be suspended / Removed! you can stay only on spectator when you spect the player from Hack/ aim / speed or using comands slap/ slay [5] Admins who do not follow the rules will be eliminated directly [6] The manager is required not to ask me to add to update or get the old administrator on the server with big grades [7] Whoever wants a higher degree on the server needs to upgrade [8] Admins who give managers a message to upgrade will get Suspend / Downgrade / Remove [9] Anyone who does not respect everything here will be eliminated, because I'm tired of complaining to me that no one complies with the rules [10] Please note all admins and managers are active or afk during the night because the server drops a lot! New Rules: [11] Who plays for frags will be severely punished with Suspend / Downgrade / Remove. This Includes for all admins. From Helper to Elder. [12] In report of administrators, just elder to up can reply their opinions. Who are from Elder to God is forbidden!! [13] Co-Owners, Owners and Founders have prohibited from Adding/Upgrade/Downgrade/Removed admins with the same grades. Example (Co owners can't add/Upgrade/Downgrade/removed other Co-Owner, Just Owners/Founders can) [14] When a Manager has already published in a report, only that Manager has the right to publish and / or take the final decision unless it merits that a Daddy Boss intervences. It is forbidden that dan aministrator use an order on another administrator only the founders and Daddy boss have this right

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