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    1. Name: Carry Minati Age: 21 How do you think you can help the design team ?: I can help in all things now & @Yash help me alot in it link of your gallery: Experience (not required): - Can you join a discussion on TeamSpeak ?: Yes
    2. Current Name: Carry Minati Desired Name: XZoro if you can add ™ Reason: I want a new name because i am boared with old name
    3. Hey.... Upload weekly 1 song only this is rule follow rules! Or you can say Bye
    4. @Xarrow know's you were abusing
    5. @SloCket SAID ME WARN YOU FIRST THING 2nd:- You are abusing and i have mentioned warning details! SO READ RULES! BEFORE MENTIONING ME! RULES: NO ABUSE AND BE HERE HAPPLILY!
    6. Wait i have said to my friends to join so let's see Next..
    7. Username:@PeaKy_BlinDeR Your age:21 What categories do you want to moderate ?:https://www.cspower.ro/index.php?/forum/1069-discuții-tematice-și-socializare/ Why do you want to join the CSPOWER TEAM:Because i want something new in my life and i will help when you guys want Why do you think you deserve this position ?:I have best experience almost 11years Have you read the rules and are you able to use them correctly ?:Yes.. Can you join a discussion on TeamSpeak ?:Yes 100%
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