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  1. Nick-ul tau:w00dy Nick-ul Adminului:Petrica Ce ii acorzi?:Remove Gradul Actual:Helper Gradul dupa UP/DOWN/REMOVE:Remove Motiv:Comenzi pe alt admin/injurii.
  2. w00dy ><-TREME SuperioR Block FSK31 LegendaVie asmir Noldorex Ciorap xCrash Diabolik Sauron Lunetistu1 K![L]leR Fafa Dolfu HardGame__-nw Piltzu uitara Pinju!? [hammer]Adynutza Sebastian V1cenz0 Rusu Radu Snape cesarwdatool -
  3. Aici se vor posta viitoarele UP-uri, DOWN-uri si Remove-uri de pe serverul ZM.CSPOWER.RO dupa urmatorul model: Nick-ul tau: Nick-ul Adminului: Ce ii acorzi?: Gradul Actual: Gradul dupa UP/DOWN/REMOVE: Motiv: In acest topic doar Ownerii serverului au voie sa posteze De luat in cunostinta fiecare,up se va da pe merit,si pe activitatea acestuia.
  4. otherwise you are not able to this function I have often seen you swear at players.Contra!!!!
  5. nick: Desired tag: Gametracker link [click]
  6. * Nick: * IP / STEAMID: * Reason: * Proof:
  7. nick: Age: Why do you want admin? How do you think you are different from other players for this position ?: Describe yourself in a few words [minimum 2 lines]: How much time did you spend on the server [hours ->click]
  8. Pros, for activity and seriousness, but I am against the proposed lies..
  9. Pro, for activity but you can do even more.
  10. * Nick: * IP/STEAMID: * Motiv: * Dovada:

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