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  1. WeEZy

    [UnBan] Ch1co

    I checked every banlist... and your name is not in one of 'em. Don't know what to say.
  2. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: Iulian. * IP/STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:467900144 * Motiv: Wall+Aim * Dovada: Hatz
  3. Contra. Respect the model.
  4. WeEZy

    Admin Request

    Contra. 2nd request in one week time.
  5. Contra. Time spent on server 5 hours... we need more than that.
  6. Nick: WeEZy Gradul dorit: Elder Gradul actual: God De ce crezi ca meriti acest upgrade?: Cred ca merit un up deoarece am demonstrat ca pot tine o promisiune, in al doilea rand, am ajutat helperii/moderatorii cu invatarea comenzilor de care au nevoie, a fi folosite pe server, sau indrumari pe forum. Link Gametracker [ click ]: Aici Link de la ultima ta cerere de upgrade: As vrea sa il pot impartasi cu voi dar din pacate s-a cam pierdut odata cu schimbarea comunitatilor. PS: Multumesc anticipat.
  7. Pro. I say we give him a second chance, see how he handles it, and we shall see about the swears how we do.
  8. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: mamu ti * IP/STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:1665081464 * Motiv: Wall+Aim * Dovada: Aici
  9. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: Dimborovac * IP/STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:1357180731 * Motiv: Wallhck+Aim * Dovada: Hatzz
  10. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: Linux X * IP/STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:438514609 * Motiv: WAll * Dovada: Aici
  11. Pro. Hope you don't do the same mistake again. PS: The gametracker link is missing, but i checked and is about right.
  12. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: Lengvas blet * IP/STEAMID: * Motiv: Wall * Dovada: Aici
  13. WeEZy

    [BanList] WeEZy

    Nick: [antifa] * IP/STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:597062377 * Motiv: Wallhack * Dovada: Aici

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