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  1. Ramadan Kareem For All ♡ 


  2. Real Name : Sami Yusaf Birth Date /Place/Age: July 1980 , Iran Artist Picture : Musical Genres : islamic music Awards : Yusuf received a Recognition Award for his contributions to promoting the message of peace Top 3 Songs (Names) : The Praised One , Hasbi Rabi , Other Informations : Beautiful
  3. Name of band music : Ya Salam Alayka Current Members: 25M When band music was created : 2009 Band Music Photo: Awards : Nojoum FM , major Middle East mainstream music stations Top 3 Songs (Names) : Insha Allah , Ya Nabi Salam Alayka , Ramadan Other Informations : The best
  4. Current name: WeSTCoaST Desired name: SKYPpER XxL O.M.R (KATo) Reason: I want make nick of forum same nick of cs Thanks Regards.
  5. Music Title: Hasbi Rabi Signer: Sami Yusaf Release Date: 3/8/2011 Official Youtube Link: Your Opinion About The Track (Music Video): 10/10
  6. Music Title: Maher Zain- Insha Allah Signer: Maher Zain Release Date:1/5/2010 Official Youtube Link: Informations About The Signer: His name is maher zain one of the beautiful singers i have seen most of all his songs all relaxing also make you focus on your goal he is a legend from me Your Opinion About The Track (Music Video): Perfect 10/10
  7. Once a year, apple rolls out a major update to the iOS software that runs on all iPhones. Millions of devices get major new features for free, along with patches for security bugs and interface tweaks. iOS 14 was announced on 22 June at WWDC and became available to download on Wednesday 16 September. Subsequent updates introducing new features (and fixing problems and bugs have followed. the latest version is iOS 14.4.1, which address a serious vunerability in Webkit, more below. The latest version is iOS 14.5. we also have details about the developer betas and will give an insight i
  8. what server? if you want make admin request not here , here for be our staff if you want to i wish you good luck Regards.
  9. 1. Real Name: Omar 2. NickName: WeSTCoaST 3. Age: 19 4. Past Experience(Please detail the experience, what have you done..etc):i have 8 years experience i was have a three server (one still active right now) and 1 host , managing forum in the past 5. Do you agree that you will be one month in probation, and if you`ll lack activity, the rank will be removed?: of course , Agree 6. Which section/category you think suits you better?: CS Category 7. Contact methods: Facebook, Steam, TeamSpeak 8. Are you willing to connect on the TeamSpeak3 Server, for 2-3 hours pe