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  1. Numele actual:Th3ლQu33n✔ Nume dorit: ..𝑩𝒂𝒃𝒚..𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍#5937 Motiv: Sa fiu anonima
    • Nick :ImBot
    • IP:
    • SteamID :1:0:1078172410 
    • Date/Hour :idk i only launch server and server kicked me
    • The admin that banned you :hai salut
    • Reason :closed.sc
    • Proof (Console Screenshot :
    1. ImBot


      idkkkkkk whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i send wg to 420 and he tell me u are safe


  2. Numele actual: Th3Qu33n Nume dorit:Th3ლQu33n✔ Motiv: M-am plictisit de numele actual csz..
  3. unban ? La ce dai aiurea ban sa moara baietii mei

    da mi unban ca nu am nimic


  4. Unban request

    1. SKYPpER XxL O.M.R

      SKYPpER XxL O.M.R

      Hello For Unban Request you should make a post in the Unban Section 

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