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  1. Or what you will forbid me from playing? Virus have checked and told me I am good to play.
  2. Considering the fact that I already have provided config before?
  3. Hi All, I do apologise in advance if this topic has been raised not in the right place. Moderators I would appreciate if you could move it to the relevant part of the forum. Some of you might know me some of you don't. The ones who knows surely can say that I play suspiciously, as an evidence I have been asked to record demo, I have been asked to do countless wg scans, some of you have made screenshots of me playing. And at the end I've decided to get steam in order to dispel doubts. However, this still wasn't enough for some of you. So this topic is complaint together with request in same vial. I am quiet busy person and I have limited time to spend playing the game. And when you ask me to do a wg scan it is okay - but when you ask me to go extra mile in order to satisfy your curiosity by providing configs and other stuff, for me it is waste of time, however restu de gume thinks otherwise. I not only find his request of providing cfg pointless but also time wasting especially for me. The only question I have, what can you find in cfg that is illegal to play on your server? Specifically after wg scan didn't show anything illegal? I have rejected his request to provide one, and he threatened me that I won't play on the server until I will not obey. I am absolutely sure that this isn't even in rules of the server to provide cfg. So my request would be to resolve the matter at your earliest convenience. And in future try to do best you can to save someones time in this case mine. I apologise if I have hurt someones feelings, it was not the intention. I just want to play on your server without disruption when I have spare time. Thank you in advance. M
  4. Name: Nick on server: Age: Steam ON/OFF: Link from Gametracker: P.S. Please note all successful applicants will receive VIP on server. P.S.S. To be successful you should have at least basic English level.
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