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  1. YWNA 💕

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    2. Hooden


      Cine radea ma de tine?:)))) Nu zisesem nimic.(acm serios)

    3. firdavsjon01S


      myshu me SKIFF

      Sunt singura persoană din Tadjikistan care joacă de aproape 10 luni acum am experiență amxmodx dacă mă ajutați voi deveni admin
    4. firdavsjon01S


      Traduc toate acestea în Google, știi, mi-e greu să vorbesc
  2. You're a King for that person who loves you, for the others you can be the Devil.

  3. Apple: "hold my beer"

    Samsung: "sure, but can you hold my galaxy?"

  4. Tra la la la, i don't even know what to write here. Tra la la la😅

  5. Help others to help yourself.

  6. Gods are not those who think they are, Gods are those people which help others without second thought.

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