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  1. --==Adding Soon=--
  2. Current Nick: The Nick You Want: Last Change Nick Request Link(No if first Time): You can change your nick once in 15 Days. Title Must be in form [Change Nick] Your Name
  3. Minimum 5 hours played. You have to respect all server rules and other players/admins. You should be active in the server for atleast 2 hours on the server per day. You must be ACTIVE in TEAMSPEAK3 Server - TS.CSPOWER.RO , channel FURIEN. You must understand and be able to speak English well or semi-well. Respect the Topic Tittle: [ADMIN REQUEST] - NAME You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days. Your Nickname: Your Facebook: Age: Languages That You Can Speak: Your Location: Do you use TEAMSPEAK3? Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): Link Of Hours You Played On Server(GameTracker) : Reason That You Want To Be Admin: Have you read the rules? :
  4. You need to respect hours played for next rank before request upgrade. You should be active in the server for atleast 3 hours on the server per day. You must be ACTIVE in TEAMSPEAK3 Server - TS.CSPOWER.RO , channel FURIEN. Respect the Topic Tittle: [UPGRADE REQUEST] - NAME You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days. Your Nickname: Your activity in forum , server and TS3(Hours): The Grade You have: The Grade You want: Why you want upgrade: Link to your hours played in server(GameTracker) :
  5. In order to receive UNBAN you must have proof. Topic title should be: [UNBAN REQUEST] PLAYER NAME Your NICK: Your IP: Your STEAMID: The reason you have been banned: The admin who banned you: The time: Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo):
  6. ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS: 1. No admin has the right to start quarrels on the server or use commands on other admins without good reason, except in cases where an admin absurdly abuses commands (remove) 2. An admin does not have the right to use serious commands on players who respect the game. (sanctions depending on the severity of the mistake) 3. The vote is given in the last 5 minutes of the map, and will contain at least 2 maps 4. The admin has the obligation to visit the forum in order to respond to the requests of admin / unban (with PRO / CONTRA including the reason for the choice), or to respond to the complaints accordingly with the respective reason. 5. If any admin absent for more than 3 days on forum without any pre information given to Manager Server. (Remove) 6. It is forbidden to abuse commands (amx_say, amx_csay, amx_tsay, amx_slap, amx_slay, amx_kick). The commands amx_say amx_csay, amx_tsay are used only for various announcements of maximum 3 times not for conversations (-1 degree) 7. The admin is obliged to take into account the announcements of the players on u @ regarding the possible coding, he will be a spectator and will look at the player making demos / pictures before applying commands (-1 degree / remove depending on the gravity fault) 8. The admin is obliged to bring evidence in case of a complaint / request unban on the forum for the orders applied to the players who received permanent pika / ban (-1 degree / remove) 9. The admin has the obligation to change the name of a player only if he is obscene or advertises with that name to other servers. 10. All admins have the obligation when taking pictures to wait 3-5 minutes for pictures before applying commands on the player because not everyone has high speed internet or fast computer (-1 degree) 11. The admin is obliged to gag for inappropriate language of the players up to 5 minutes, and for serious insults and repeatedly ban 10 minutes. No ban will be given directly for language or threats (-1 degree) 12. Do not stress the furiens about the bomb unless you think there is no time to plant it (example: if the furiens have not tried to plant the bomb in the last 15 seconds) 13. The admin is obliged to look for coded players, not only to stay in the game showing the lack of interest in the access he has (-1 degree) 14. Do not influence the decisions of colleagues regarding admin requests or complaints, everyone says his point of view (risk warn) 15. Any admin (no matter the degree) is not allowed to swear on the server, no matter if it is on u @ or normal chat (-2 degree) 16. In the field "Did you read the rules?" you will write: "Sure" RULES FOR ALL PLAYERS [FURIEN / ANTI FURIEN]: 1. It is forbidden for players to use indecent language or to comment without good reason on the decision of the admin (gag 3min / ban 10 min) 2. It is forbidden to withdraw to get rid of the gag, or to change teams (ban 10 minutes) 3. It is forbidden to use hacks (codes) of any kind (pika + permanent ban) 4. It is forbidden to use developer 1 / fps_override 1 / strafe hacks / cfgs with scripts such as no-recoil / silent aim (pika + permanent ban) 5. Players are required to report to say_team @ (ie u @) server irregularities regarding certain players (gag 3 min) 6. Do not insist in vain with changing the map that it does not suit you, or you do not know it. (gag 3 min) 7. Players are prohibited from sitting afk to keep the slot busy (warn / kick) 8. Spam on u @ is forbidden, do not abuse u @ (kick / ban 5-10 minutes) 9. If you think that an admin is doing wrong, make a complaint (complaint) on the forum presenting the proof, do not argue on the server with him (gag 3 min / kick) 10. If there is no admin on the server a player can demo irregularly (using the command "record player name" in the console) you can find the demo in the cstrike folder under the name you put in the console. Don't forget to take ip (amx_showip) and time. ANTI-FURIEN REGULATION (CT): 1. You are not allowed to climb on the texture of the map (top of the map) - (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes) 2. You are not allowed to camp- (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes) THE CAMP applies only to antifuriens (CT) and is when a player puts himself in a certain place and waits for furiens for more than 5-7 seconds. ATTENTION @ WHEN THERE IS NO CAMP: When a CT is attacked by furies and he tries to get rid of them or shoot at them there is no field. When a CT is standing still and firing furiously there is no field. When a CT climbs on a box or goes to a corner to load its weapon it is not a field. 3. You are not allowed to use silent walk (shift) unless you want to avoid the hexes set on motion - (slay); ATTENTION !!! No one is forced to enter the hexes on the satchel to die. If an HE is set in motion, a CT can go on silent walk (shift) to avoid exploding that HE; If one or more hexes are put on the satchel you can go on another route to avoid their explosion; If there is no other route to follow to avoid the he put on the satchel you can go back, but try not to camp. will go on another route you can go back to go up the stairs) 4. You are not allowed to turn back (tb) or camp zone- (slay / kick / ban 10 minutes) CAMPZONE- is when a CT rotates in the same area (for example on dust2 in X1 it goes up the ladder turns in X - goes long, turns in X and so on other maps), I assume you know what is an area to realize when a CT rotates in the same area; TURN BACK (tb) - That's why most admins slay so it should be clear to everyone what that means. TurnBack is when a CT returns to an area where it has already been without being attacked by any furies on the same route it had left, similar to field-zones. (the exception is when a CT is forced to turn due to the hexes placed on the satchel that blocks its way, having nowhere to go around. ATTENTION !!! @ When there is no TurnBack / Camp-zones Turn back is not when while a ct goes forward it turns the mouse to look back and forth if a fury comes; Turn back is not when a fury attacks you and you stop walking to shoot at it; Turn back is not when you turn a short distance after the fury to shoot at him; Turn back is not when you saw a furious get behind a box or a door and you turn a short distance to shoot at it. (for example, if you go back after a fury that you saw behind a door or after a box, it is not a turn back if you see yourself on the road and then without camping); FURIEN (TERO) REGULATION: - They are obliged to plant a bomb or kill all enemies by the end of the round (slay); - It is not allowed to put more than 1 HE where you planted the bomb - (kick); - The bomb can be planted in the last 60 seconds
  7. Accepted as Moderator Send me Nick + Pw in PM T/c.

  9. Give me Gametracker link
  10. Can anyone correct my access

  11. why you didn t need talk with me?

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