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  1. Nickname: KrusheR Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1721881728 Motiv: ss.forum Dovada: ss.forum
  2. Nickname: UN_RATAT Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1414433306 Motiv: Aim+speed Doavda: http://www.girlshare.ro/3769785138.9
  3. Hi, brother when you make an unban request only give me a thousand reply please, wargods it is clean to see what my colleagues are saying And please come and get the wargods on time That is not difficult as in the forum you know how to put it so you can give the server PRO UNBAN!
  4. Nickname: RMX Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1489786465 Motiv: ss.forum Dovada: ss.forum
  5. Nickname: slah500 Ip: Steam-id:STEAM_1:0:643182246 Motiv: Aim+wall Dovada: http://www.girlshare.ro/3769784603.2
  6. NIckname: Silverdragon Ip: Steam-id: No Motiv: ss.forum Dovada: ss.forum
  7. Nickname: snake Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:2032144032 Motiv: ss.forum Dovada: ss.forum
  8. Nickname: DSTimme Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:2010493927 Motiv: No.wg Dovada: No.wg
  9. Nickname: xPlayBoy* Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:553082109 Motiv: Aim Dovada: http://www.girlshare.ro/3769784165.4
  10. Nickname: QASIM Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:2088186485 Motiv: ss.forum Dovada: ss.forum
  11. Nickname: Spark! Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_0:1:150384987 Motiv: No.wg Dovada: No.wg
  12. Nickname: sON Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:75061540 Motiv: No.wg Dovada: No.wg
  13. Nickname: Ivan Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1147052061 Motiv: Aim DOvada: http://www.girlshare.ro/3769783814.5
  14. NIckname: eXistenZ Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1151748688 Motiv: Wg.forum Dovada: Wg.forum
  15. Nickname: 64 Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1572423474 Motiv: No.wg Dovada: No.wg
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