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    1. In decursul zilei de ieri, in comunitatea noastra au fost promovati din gradul de Membru in cel de Moderator, pentru sectiunile "Technology", respectiv "Gaming World", urmatorii membri: @cod3& @nObIk . Succes cu gradele si spor la activitate!
    2. Acceptat ca moderator. Iti voi spune in privat ce sectiune moderezi.
    3. Ti-am raspuns deja in topicul de campanie. Imi zici in PM ce categorie vei modera (doar una).
    4. Acceptat ca Moderator. Toti incep cu acest grad, pe urma vei fi avansat. Da mi pm unde vrei sa moderezi
    5. @THē-GHōST , din Moderator in Membru, motivul fiind inactivitatea.
    6. You're accepted as Moderator Your access will be added as soon as possible.
    7. You're accepted as Moderator > https://www.cspower.ro/index.php?/forum/1069-tematică-socializare/ Your access will be added as soon as possible. T/C
    8. Da-i click pe Reconnect sau incearca un refresh in pagina, apoi accepta cookie-urile
    9. @AleXandR din gradul de Membru in cel de GFX Designer. Succes cu gradul!
    10. Salut. Te rog refa cererea de GFX Designer la categoria corecta. https://www.cspower.ro/index.php?/forum/63-apply-for-gfx-designer/
    11. Amkette Xcite Pro keyboard has a spill resistant body design which means that accidental fluid spilled will not harm the keyboard under limited conditions. With superior silver conductive film, Xcite Pro is designed to give you years of trouble free usage. One Click access to ensure prompt access to special keys like volume, play/pause, mute and even internet functions easily from the keyboard itself. The special keys stand out from the keyboard in orange color giving a new elegant look to the product.
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