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    Membru Nou
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    pakistan karachi landhi qazzafi town
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    i respect black
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  1. post : 1/16/2021 nick : i respect black age : 14 why i want admin ? servers in many hacker and player can't play normally because here is hacker and i ban hacker and player say change map when i m admin so i change map https://www.gametracker.com/account/create/activation.php?screen_name=irespectblack&activation=kmpvjy97r4qn
  2. age 14 nick i respect black
  3. please make me admin
  4. nick : i respect black age : 14 why i want administrator ? me today play game then one player hack aimbot i say admin but admin not kick or ban this guy now all player disconnect this server because here one hacker now please make me admin https://www.gametracker.com/account/create/activation.php?screen_name=irespectblack&activation=kmpvjy97r4qn
  5. nick i respect black

    want : administrator

    i am a good player spacial awp i m very fast in awp now my rank is master guardians I please 

    make me administrator sever ip is my name is in i respect black i from pakistan karachi 

    my age is 14 make me admin or anything please

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