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  1. file:///C:/Users/pc/Music/unnamed.webp file:///C:/Users/pc/Music/unnamed.webp file:///C:/Users/pc/Music/unnamed.webp
  2. bro KaZzy just help me and unban me My pc is low can't do imuger and wargods just help me and unban
  3. i just delet conter strike becuse this person just hate game this live is shutt
  4. My Dream has get Never remove admin why he just gay relly shuut all he tell him teat but my pc is very low can't do anithing just help of this dream am really no happy now of this admins of this server
  5. Your name » MuFFLOn1 亗 Evidence » never is ban me stop this shut i tell hem my pc is low i can't download anithing but he ban me plz remove this gay is relly ban all i tink 10 he jist tell him From which admin did you get the ban? » Never STEAM_1:0:885296404 IP + SteamID »
  6. Nick » MuFFLOn1 亗 Your age » 17 Hours (link gametracker) » https://www.gametracker.com/player/MuFFLOn1 亗/ Where can we contact you? » facebook Facebook (compulsory) » Name : Abdoo DaxLer Steam [ON/OFF] » Off Have you read the rules? » I love furien Are you active on teamspeak3? » Yes Describe yourself in maximum 3 words » Honest Mature Hardworker Why do you think it would be worthwhile to be accepted? » Yeh I think so cause many campers are there
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