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  1. You take kick with this reason only when your nick si reserved, go on forum at the server(DM i think the server is RESPAWN) when you have this problem, and ask there about this.
  2. the nick name zzz ( or what you try to use ) it`s reserved, you need to change your nick if you want to play, or if this is your nick and you reserved it, try to remember the password and put in your console ( in game ) with the command : setinfo _ pw <password> On topic: Hello
  3. Nick: LycaNiaN Numele dumneavoastra: Ionut Varsta: 29 Ocupatie: Pariuri Hobby: Fotbal, gaming O mica descriere(3 randuri): De unde ai aflat de noi?:De la slabul de @Amaranth Acorda o nota comunitatii (asa la prima vedere): 7, este copia unei alte comunitatii din aproape toate punctele de vedere Poza cu dvs:
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