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Halloween it's Coming !

Trick Or Treat!

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  1. Link with your name in GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Legend.ro/
  2. 1- CT : Cant Camp - TurnBack Or Slay . 2- If You Want To Get Admin Grad You Can Get It Free In Cerere Admin Section. 3- If You Insult Anyone Admin/Player You Will Get Gag 3 Min. 4- If You Use Any Hack (Aimbot/Wallhack/Speedhack) You Will Get Perement. 5- If You Share Another Servers Ip's You Will Get Perement Ban. 6- If You See Any Admin Abuse Relus You Can Report Him In Forum - Report Section -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Admins ] 1- Admin Who Slay For No Reason = -1 Remove !! 2- Admin Who Kick For No Reason = -1 Remove !! 3- Admin Who Ban For No Reason = -1 Remove !! 4- Admins Have To Be Online In Server At Least 1 Hour Or -1 Remove. 5- Admin Who Use Any Hack (Aimbot/Wallhack/Speedhack..etc) Will Get Remove + Ban Perement. 6- Admin Who Share Another Server IP Will Get Remove + Ban Perement. 7- Admin Who Insult Anyone (Admin/Player) Will Get Gag 3min.. 3xInsult = Remove. 8- If You See Any Admin Ban All Or Kick Your Allowed To Amx_Pika / Amx_Ban Him !!. 9- In "Are You Read The Rules :" Quistion Say : No (Just For Proof You Read The Rules) Nick: Legend.ro Age: 18 Steam profile link: STEAM_0:0:879864618 The secret word from the Rules: i write on up Link with your name in GameTracker: Can you donate? (Yes/ No): no


Suntem o comunitate cu domeniul CSPOWER din 2019 dar cu o echipa Administrativa formată în 2014. Scopul nostru este să va reauducem plăcerea de a va distra și de a întemeia noi prietenii alaturi de noi ! Devin-o POWER !


Echipa noastra de parteneriat QualTech Solutions ofera spre administrare servere de inalta calitate in schimbul unor conditii ! Intra sa vezi !

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Happy Halloween !

Boo Trick Or Treat!

Give Me Some Candy!