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  1. Good Afternoon! Everything is ready in Our Recreation Section! Users are able to post now!!!

  2. Hello everyone! We will have few updates in our Section > RECREATION! I thought to request a big update to that section because i saw that most of the Topics are mixed up! And we need to move them in order to be more organised and also without any confuses.!!!

    List of The Updates for Today:

    • Sub Forum in Music Channel with name "Weekly Songs"
    • Sub Forum in Sports named "Soccer,Basketball,Volleyball and Tennis"
    • Sub Forum in Movies named "Coming Soon, Reviews And Previews"
    • Trivia Sub Forum Will be Removed Due To Lack of Participations and posts.!

    Those will be the updates for today.!

  3. I saw that Section without someone moderate it, So as long as i'm not playing much, i decide to make an apply to post something interesting that any member would like to read, such as news arround the world or even for sports news and stuff.!
  4. Name:RafaeL Age:28 Why do you want to apply for this degree ?:I want to keep The Chosen Category alive and under control What section do you want for moderation ?:RECREATION What improvements can you make to the moderate section ?:I can Make it fully updated with everything related to that Section and also under control from double posts/spams etc Explain your recent activity on the forum and section:I'm still newcomer but i guarantee my daily activity as long as i have bunch of free time for it ? Are you aware that you will be put on probation, and if you d
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