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Forum Rules

General Information

  • All users are required to read this regulation, invoking the excuse "I didn't know" will not be taken into consideration, being present at the top of the forum written in green. It can also be modified later, so we recommend reciting it periodically.
  • The management of the forum is not legally responsible for the content of the messages and files posted, it belongs entirely to the users.

Rule 1 - The language used must be as in public places. It should not contain obscene words, insults to other members, attacks on the person with or without insults.

  • If another member provokes / insults you, do not answer with the same behavior, because when we are applying the regulation there will be no differentiation.
  • Report the fact of a moderator / administrator.
  • Posts with racist content are not accepted.
  • These messages will be deleted / edited and the member / members will be penalized.

Rule 2 - It is forbidden to use multiple accounts by the same user (clones)

  • Also, avoid using names similar to some existing ones to avoid confusion.
  • If you have forgotten the password for an account, use the "Forgot password" button.
  • The additional accounts will be banned and the user will receive the warn on the current account.
  • Warning: We recommend setting a valid email address on your account so you can recover it when you forget your password.

Rule 3 - Scams within the community:

  • Within this community the so-called "scams" are forbidden. Any user of the forum who will try and / or realize such a fact will be sanctioned with a 1 month ban + member title of "Non-serious user (scammer)" which will remain permanently. In the case of moderators, the sanction consists in permanently removing the access + ban 1 month and the same permanent title member.
  • Be aware that for this rule, any user who has accesses such as closed, edit, pin etc to a category will be considered moderator and will be sanctioned as such.

Rule 4 - Posting information, creating a topic, messages, attaching files.

  • Do not copy messages / files from the other side without specifying the source. If their copy is forbidden, stop posting them.
  • It is forbidden to attach unlicensed commercial software and crack files or any kind of illegal or potentially dangerous attachment (viruses, spyware).
  • These messages / files will be removed and the member will be penalized.

Before creating a new topic

  • Check if you are in the right place, where it fits best to avoid posting the same topic 2 times. Use the "Cautare & Search" function if necessary.
  • Choose an appropriate title that insinuates the content of the topic. Avoid putting up incomplete names or "lol", "help", "urgent" etc.
  • Messages will be moved / deleted, titles edited, and the member will be sanctioned


  • Do not use excessively colored or oversized text unless it is beneficial.
  • Before posting, read carefully what has been discussed before, to avoid repetition. Valid especially in the case of the topics that extend on several pages.
  • Check again the content of the message before giving "Send", so that no mistakes have been made that could lead to its misunderstanding.
  • Double post is forbidden (double post = when a user posts a message after posting another one in less than 12 hours)
  • It is forbidden to post the same message several times (ex: flood).
  • The messages will be moved / edited / deleted and the member will be penalized.

Attaching files

  • First of all, it is forbidden to attach files that contravene the laws in force, contain personal data, viruses, etc.
  • Any registered user can attach to a file station up to the limit of 1024 kb, so please avoid posting links to other sites where you uploaded those files (images most of the time).

Rule 5 - Avatars, signatures and profil information

  • Both in signatures, in avatars, but also in profile information (contact fields, location, preferred server. Interests, etc.), messages or images that have obscene content or advertisements to other forums / sites / should not appear. servers from another community.
  • Signatures should not contain more than 1 video (from youtube) / 1 large image (up to 700x450) / 3 small images (up to 400x200) / text greater than 10 lines.
  • Images / messages that have obscene content will be deleted, and in case of signatures regarding the second rule, images / messages will be added in the spoiler by the administrator in case the member refuses. Following these facts, the member will be sanctioned.

Members sanctions

  • Off-Topic - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in TOPIC or PM.
  • Post Hunt - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in TOPIC or PM.
  • Double post - Warn only after at least 1 verbal warning in TOPIC or PM
  • Spam - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in TOPIC or PM.
  • Regulament Violation of the regulation - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in TOPIC or PM.
  • Post made in mockery - Warn / Suspend (as the case may be).
  • Bump & Update Topic - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in TOPIC or PM.
  • Inappropriate signature / avatar - Warn only after at least 2 verbal warnings in the PM.
  • Multiple account - Warn according to the "multiple account" rule.
  • Multiple accounts - Permanent ban according to the "multiple accounts" rule.
  • Unintentional Advertising - Warn will only be provided after at least 1 verbal warning in TOPIC or PM.
  • Intentional advertising - Permanent ban by name or IP.
  • Minor inappropriate language - Only warn after at least 1 verbal warning in TOPIC or PM.
  • Serious inappropriate language - Ban 7 days (second double deviation (14) and so on).
  • Minor inappropriate behavior - Only warn after at least 1 verbal warning in TOPIC or PM.
  • Serious inappropriate behavior - Ban 7 days (second double offense (14) and so on).
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