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  1. Founders @SloCket - Respect @kajol # support - Tu esti acolo mereu, mersii ca ma ajuti cand am nev . te pwp @Gaabii - Ce-l mai baros din comunitate, te pwp @Alex - E de la manusi @Spiridus97 - Mafiot :)) Administrators @Senn- "New Staff" :)))))), chiar nu te cunosc, @Alexandru - @Syko - @Fr3sH- Supervizors @Yang Lo - Na ma saracule ca ti am dat parere =)). hai ca vezi parere daca e @DeSeNeL - Te pwp bro , esti nr 1 jur Super-Moderators @-sTm- - Imi place ca incerci sa te ajuti si pe noi cu ce poti @Akash Thakur - Watch out for post-hunt @EduardBurbea - Nu te cunosc , sal @Ficus - Moderators @Hamza - And you, too, watch out for post-hunt @NazXWolk - nu te cunosc Tehnician @JuNNky # support - pasarica nr 1 :)) TS3 Developer @followw.ME - Sarpilii . esti nr 1 fratimiu . te pwp
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