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  1. Who is the biggest fan of Justin Beiber?? Hit the like button
  2. *Tip lucrare (avatar / banner / semnătură / logo) : avatar *Text-ul dorit : Dark-ImmoRtal^ *Sub-Text : loose faith *Dimensiuni (150 x 250 / 150 x 300) : 150x250 *Stock (obligatoriu) : *Alte precizări : 3d design and waiting for avatar
  3. Forename » Yousuf Age » 17 Location » Pakistan Occupation » Not at all Hooby and passions » Music and Cs e.t.c Nick Counter-strike » JuKraTeS Counter-strike mod favorite (dr,classic,surf) » Zombie Plague 6.2 UltimateX Steam ( On/Off ) » OFF Where did you hear about CSPOWER?» By my cousin Rate this community » 9.5/10 Contact » [Hidden Content] Other details » Nothing....
  4. Bro there is for warn logos in forum?
  6. 1. Your NickName on the Forum: Dark-ImmoRtal^ 2. How many slots the server will have: I want to create you choice but mine 2-3 3. The company/ firm from where you are buying the server: payple 4. Mode of the server(Classic/ CS:GO Remake/ Normal CS:GO..etc): Zombie plague 6.2 5. How you can be contacted: Forum or facebook 6. You`re looking for(Admins/Owners?): not now if i see active mans i will give... 7. Other specifications(Only if you want to say more about the server): Nothing...Hopping server to be ready soon to play
  7. Really you have no actvity i have never seen you online BRUH......
  8. Grades offered: Super-Moderators, Moderators, GFX Designers. Post template: Moderators Name: Dark-ImmoRtal^ Age: 17 Country: USA Why do you want to apply for this degree ?: I KNOW THIS DEGREE VERY WELL I HAVE BEEN MODEATORS SINCE 6years Which section do you want to moderate ?: Any section that you guys will give me What improvements can you make to the moderate section ?: I will make many many that i cant explain but you can see.... Explain your recent activity on the forum and section: I will be active and post contents here much e.t.c Are you aware that you will be put on probation, and if you do not manage you risk being suspended ?: Are you aware that you can be suspended from office at the first violation of the regulations ?: Other specifications: YES! I WILL BE LOYAL TO ALL GUYS IN FORUM AND HELP ALL... e.t.c Can you join teamspeak at meetings ?: yes but tell me times of meeting
  9. Be logical thinking mind
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