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  1. Respect our request admin model ! Contra
  2. MPBilegt


    Last think, some admins didnt check players or playing. Always on amx_spectate and afk.
  3. Pro for helper. But you sometime goes spectator. Fix your mistake
  4. MPBilegt


    Hello everyone. So I need something add to server and admins. 1. Need amx_map perm to Administrator+ grade players. We bored from dd2 2. Add new forum here. Named "Suspect Player". Admins or players add suspect player to list. Suspect mean "Maybe this player hacker". If you make this forum, admins will check. Example: Weezy found 1 sus player. Maybe hacker maybe normal. Weezy added to list. Then skeetulet or me or daniel will check him. If he hacker, ban him, if not close the topic. 3. add new comand. /Report <Name> <Wall/Aim/Bhop> #Regards
  5. https://www.gametracker.com/player/1420p/ here is your stats, you played only 3 days. but you have 5 hours. hmmm Pro for pending (Helper)
  6. * Nick: P[c]T eGames | Player * IP / STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:701018016 * Reason: Wallhack * Proof: Click!
  7. * Nick: UQK1 * IP / STEAMID: / STEAM_1:0:1098029427 * Reason: Wallhack, lockaim * Proof: Click!
  8. * Nick: * IP/STEAMID: * Motiv: * Dovada:
  9. Hello guys. Sorry for inactive few days. I dont want lie like my internet or something broken. Im just got retired from what about gaming few days. Im back, and i want back my grade. So, last thing i hope you welcome me, and back me as admin #Regards to all

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