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      Aimware v2.0 Beta

      All cheats for all the games are considerated malware by antivirus so if you do not want to use it stay home but do not comment when you have nothing to do !
    2. dev

      Aimware v2.0 Beta

      Aimware is working to create a new cheat version for Counter Strike 1.6 that bypass GAMEGUARD 2020 ! This is the beta version ! DOWNLOAD
    3. With a client rebuild from scratch the programmers of TeamSpeak 3 close the gap and bring you the ultimate TeamSpeak feeling to your Android device. Many client and admin features have been implemented to give our users the best TeamSpeak experience ever on Android. The most important ones: -Server-, channel-, and private chats -Automated away status on incoming phone calls -Creating and managing channels -Administration of user features: moving, banning, kicking, complaining, blocking, etc. Please visit our forums for a more detailed list of features. Stay connected with your friends, team mates, family and get your TeamSpeak3 client for Android now. NO GOOGLE ACCOUNT NEEDED DOWNLOAD
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